Four Years After the Fire The Bimini Rises From the Ashes Better Than Ever

Four years after the fire The Bimini rises from the ashes. The Bimini was Jeff Donnelly’s very first venue that he bought in 1999. Bim’s first opened in 1974 granted with BC’s first neighbourhood pub license. It was a local hang out for the post Summer of Love-era hippies of Kitsilano and where Greenpeace activists would meet to hatch their radical plots over drinks (their head office was located across the street).

On October 4th, 2007, the day before the bar was set to reopen after a $250,000 renovation, Bimini’s was decimated by fire, leaving virtually nothing to salvage. Despite four years or countless hurdles and delays, they never gave up on the project and reconstruction is finally complete.

Tom Hawthorn reports on the opening of this landmark pub as seen in the Globe and Mail.