Drink of the Week – Trevor Kallies Holiday Punch Trio from the Donnelly Group 10th Annual Toy Drive

On Tuesday December 13, the Donnelly Group got right into the spirit of Christmas celebrating over a decade of giving with their 10th Annual Toy Drive. Each year, in partnership with the Salvation Army and the Donnelly Fund, The Donnelly Group hosts the much-anticipated event at Republic nightclub, collecting toys to ensures a special Christmas for less fortunate families across the Lower Mainland. This years Toy Drive raised over $39,000 worth of toys for kids in need this Christmas. As guests gathered and toys piled high under the tree, Donnelly Group Bar and Beverage Director Trevor Kallies served up his signature holiday punch trio, which includes a festive egg nog, classic rum punch and hot gin punch. They were so delicious we just couldn’t pick a favourite! Which one will you make this holiday season?

Egg Nog (one batch)
6 eggs, 500ml cream 1L milk, 2cup white sugar, 1 fresh nutmeg, 250ml Bourbon, 250ml spiced rum.
Separate the eggs into two mixing bowls. Using a whisk or hand blender, mix 1.5cup sugar into the yolks until fully mixed and creamy. Slowly mix in the milk and cream while continuously whipping. Add the bourbon and spiced rum. Add the remaining 1/2cup sugar to the egg whites. Whip until egg whites peak. Slowly fold the two parts, grate nutmeg to spice to your taste and serve cold.

Classic Rum Punch
In 2L of almost boiling water steep 200g of loose leaf black chai tea. Bring temperature down. Mix together 15 orange wheels (approx 2 oranges) 25 mint sprigs, 2 cups sugar and 750ml Spiced rum. Add 6oz lemon juice. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Mix the two parts and serve cold.

Hot Gin Punch
In 2L of almost boiling water steep 200g of loose leaf chamomile & rose petal tea. Bring Temperature down to below 70 deg. C. Pour in 750ml gin and 500ml dubonnet. Add lemon wheels from two lemons and let steep for 20minutes. Serve Hot, but keep temp below 70 deg C.

Republic Nightclub
958 Granville Street, Vancouver BC