A Leap Year Proposal

Ladies, ever thought of taking the reigns and proposing to your man? In several countries around the world, such as Sweden, Britain, Ireland, Denmark and Finland, February 29 is THE day when women propose to their partners.

Being a leap year, just once every four years, many have come to believe that proposing on this day will reap good fortune to marriages. As the story goes Queen Margaret of Scotland created a fine back in 1288 for any man who refused a woman’s request to marry. Legend has it the fine was a pair of leather gloves, a single rose, £1 and a kiss.

Certainly many women are proposing to men, leap year or not. Whether you make ‘the leap’ to propose this year or next, you’ll be sure to find the perfect men’s wedding bands at Tiffany & Co., offering a wide selection of rings, at a great range of price points.

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