Drink of the Week – Chamomile and Citrus Gin and Tonic

This week’s Drink of the Week is a chamomile citrus gin & tonic that we tried at the opening party of Hooker’s Green, the Donnelly Group’s latest venue located directly downstairs from The New Oxford. This fun new room serves as a rec room for the popular Yaletown venue. A winding raw metal stairway connects the two rooms, creating the largest, most versatile local in the neighborhood. Dimly lit, the interior sports a games area, well-placed HDTVs, a library and a bar stocked to impress even the most seasoned imbiber.

Not to be mistaken with ladies of the night, Hooker’s Green takes its name from a unique shade of green, created by 18th century botanical artist William J. Hooker. The space is complimented by a large covered patio, a massive wooden bar and its own library. Tight-knit staff turn out great drinks and pour from a carefully chosen rotating craft beer list while live bands and DJs give the sound system a nightly workout.

This unique cocktail is crafted by Bar & Beverage Director Trevor Kallies, and was recently featured in PINQ. Try your hand at this tasty cocktail: in a single rocks glass add 1oz Beefeater gin, 1/2oz chamomile and citrus tea syrup. Fill the glass with ice and top with tonic, then garnish with a lime wedge.

Hooker’s Green
1141 Hamilton Street, Vancouver BC