The Canadian Public Relations Society :: Marisa Cuglietta, Hawksworth Communications

A huge congratulations to our very own Marisa Cuglietta (Hawksworth Communications, Senior PR Account Manager and Social Media Specialist) for her prominent profile on The Canadian Public Relations Society.

Marisa has been a member of the agency for three years, with a leading role in the management of a number of high-profile luxury accounts for the agency, including the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Hawksworth Restaurant, West Coast Fishing Club, The Magnolia Hotel & Spa and Le Creuset. Born and raised in the UK, Marisa has seven years of PR experience, having worked in the past with clients including the Kenya Tourism Board, Hawaii Tourism Europe and North Carolina Division of Tourism & Film. She maintains key international media relationships and has established herself in Vancouver, with a growing North American network. We are so proud to have such a talented asset to our team!

View Marisa’s full profile by Charlotte Sherry on CPRS: