Meet the Architects for the Private Residences at Hotel Georgia

The Private Residences at Hotel Georgia would not be standing today without the help of many different people. So far you have gotten to know its interior design firm, and its development company. This week we introduce the architects.

IBI/HB Architects, a company that was established in 1974, has expanded to 77 offices around the world, with one here in Vancouver. They specialized in four core focuses: Urban Land, Facilities, Transportation, and Intelligent Systems. IBI/HB Architects accept both public and private clients and are always conscious of executing designs that are future-proof.

This modern structure that adds sophistication to the Vancouver skyline, is 148 meters in height making it the second tallest in Vancouver. The architectural character takes its visual cues from the surrounding urban context, and what makes the Private Residences at Hotel Georgia unique is that the floor sizes increase as the building rises creating its distinctive shape. The prominent site location, the renovation and restoration of the historic Hotel Georgia, and the introduction of a significant new tall building on the city skyline combine to establish an integrated urban mixed-use development that will become one of Vancouver’s most prestigious addresses.