Living in the Private Residences at Hotel Georgia Grants Access to an Extraordinary Art Collection

Abstract and whimsical, fun and thought-provoking; residents moving in to the Private Residence at Hotel Georgia will have access to one of the country’s largest private collections of Canadian art, housed within the historic walls of the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. Curated by Farmboy Fine Arts; a young art consultancy firm whose head office is right here in Vancouver and whose clients can be found all over the world in the corporate, healthcare, and hospitality industries.

Celebrate fine art with this particular collection in the hotel consisting of over 200 Canadian pieces and 2 from the famous brit Patrick Hughes. Some of the Canadian artists represented are Douglas Coupland, Takao Tanabe, Damien Hirst, and Rodney Graham. The pieces showcased in this historic hotel are a worthy exhibit, and maps to guide your appreciation to tour the art placed on the first two floors can be found at the concierge. Located in the lobby and entrance of the Private Residences is a feature piece by Patrick Hughes called Warholiday in his groundbreaking Reverspective style.