Stylish Monday – “Made by hand and heart” – Canadian brand Ann and Arayata combine culture and fashion

If you love sustainable goods and, if you happen to love handbags (like most of us girls do!), then look no further than Canadian born brand Ann & Arayta. These handbags and clutches vary from chic beach style to being the perfect accessory for your little black dress – tons of style to choose from for any event.

This unique brand sells handcrafted handbags made in the Visaya region in the Philippines – an area that grows the buri palm tree where the rafia needed to create these handbags is harvested. Local artisans then weave the rafia on wooden looms, creating the handbag styles, designs and adding color, and finally, the locally made wooden handles are attached.  Ann & Arayata rely completely on the resources and talents of the locals in this region to create these handbags, the brand influencing only the specific styles and colors.  The idea behind Ann & Arayata is to create fashionable pieces while incorporating both culture and sustainability.

Through the local production of these handbags, Ann & Arayata help support the local artisans and the community. The company also donates 10% of all profits to the L.I.F.E for Health volunteer organization; a volunteer run charity that looks to improve the infrastructure, health, and education of the area.

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