Nita Lake Lodge Celebrates the Beauty of its Surroundings with Local Art Works

The award-winning Nita Lake Lodge is proud to announce the addition of their new Art Program, featuring works by local artists inspired by the breathtaking natural surroundings of the resort.

In partnership with White Dog Studio Gallery, Nita Lake Lodge will be integrating work by well-known and emerging artists from the Whistler area into the main floor and public spaces of the resort. Starting with 7 pieces placed throughout the hotel, Nita Lake Lodge plans to expand the program, featuring all original works and moving them around so that guests will always have a unique experience every time they return. Many of the pieces have been created specifically for the hotel and all are one-of-a-kind, original Canadian art. The works include different styles and media, but all were inspired by the gorgeous environs of Nita Lake Lodge: a view from one of the rooms, the totem poles along the valley trail.

For more information about White Dog Studio Gallery, please visit and or call 604-932-2205.