Stylish Monday – Chic Holiday Gifts from Tiffany and Co.

There’s nothing quite like getting a little Blue Box for Christmas. Check out this dazzling selection of Tiffany gifts that we just couldn’t resist sharing with you for Stylish Monday. Ladies, send your lover a hint by using the Tiffany website. Simply select the item you desire and click ‘drop a hint’!

The Tiffany Gallery watch is a timeless gift for the man in your life. Inspired by New York City during the 1920s American Art Deco period, the unique timepiece is stainless steel with stylized numerals, a black lacquer dial and Swiss-made movement.

We are very excited to see the Tiffany Rubedo metal debut in a classic 1837 Return to Tiffany heart tag bracelet, celebrating the company’s 175th anniversary this year.

For simple elegance, Victoria diamond earrings enhance holiday fashion with striking design set in platinum. The Tiffany Enchant scroll ring captures elegance with ornate patterns of traditional 19th-century garden gates.

Some classic pieces perfect for every gift giving occasion are Tiffany Keys. We love how eye-catching yet versatile these beautiful pendants are. Available in silver, yellow and rose gold, as well as set in diamonds, Tiffany Keys compliment both casual and formal outfits all year long, and available at a range of price points.

Add a little extra glam to your holiday party attire and treat yourself to the sleek Sabrina frame clutch from Tiffany’s latest fall leather collection. Available in bronze, silver and gold metallic leather, these are the perfect compliment for a little black dress or evening gown!

For those of you looking for a smaller token of appreciation, we love the Tiffany snowflake ornament in sterling silver on a red ribbon. Each year the company introduces a new ornament which make these the perfect collector’s item or simply for the girl who has everything!

And last (but definitely not least!), splurge on your woman with the radiant Tiffany Yellow Diamond ring, famous Jean Schlumberger Bird on a Rock Brooch handcrafted by Tiffany jewelers in Paris featuring an 86.60-carat green tourmaline, and the flawless Tiffany Noble Diamond necklace. Hey, a girl can always dream right?