The Tiffany Leather Collection Blossoms With Brilliant Colour and Style

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Tiffany & Co. captures the beauty of spring with handbags that burst in a great show of colour. Created by designers Richard Lambertson and John Truex, the collection radiates the exuberance of the season.

“Our collection is based on spring as a time for new discoveries and experiences,” said John Truex. “We were inspired by flower markets in the city and the sun-drenched countryside,” said Richard Lambertson. “The vivid colours also reflect the tailored simplicity, crisp shirting and stripes we saw on the runways.”

The Tiffany Leather Collection is created with time-honoured techniques that are executed by skilled artisans. In their hands, every clasp and embellishment, every pocket and seam is perfectly placed and smoothly integrated into the overall design. In addition, these original creations are finished with the hallmarks of Tiffany’s heritage, including custom-designed hardware, Tiffany Blue leather interiors, Tiffany Blue enamel and subtle Tiffany & Co. logos. Collectively, they represent the attention to detail that makes for a fashion essential of enduring style.