LaStella and Le Vieux Pin open their Cellar Doors on new Behind-the-Vines Tour


Sister wineries LaStella and Le Vieux Pin have opened their cellar doors to welcome wine lovers and give them the inside scoop with an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of their craft. This new tour offers a unique opportunity to discover more about the wineries low input and sustainable practices, taste their special vintages and enjoy a few surprises amongst the barrels.

“However great the finished wine might be, it’s not just about what’s in the bottle, but the journey of how it got there.” says Managing Partner Rasoul Salehi. “The private tour includes a tasting in our cellar, access to the inner HGH workings of the vineyard and it gives guests a deeper understanding of our philosophy.”

Roam the vineyard of the Provencal-style Le Vieux Pin winery and enjoy a Cellar Chaperone tour of the finest block of vines, where the low-yield viticulture and warm climate ensures that the grapes thrive in the sunshine.

LaStella celebrates La Dolce Vita with a Symphony of the Senses personal tour of the hands-on winemaking of their Tuscan-inspired wines.

Both cellar tours offer a rare glimpse of life behind the vines and require 48 hours’ notice to arrange. Email or to arrange a tour.