Cause We Care Exceeds Afterschool Care Program Fundraising Goal

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Local Vancouver-based charity Cause We Care Foundation and its supporters came together for a cocktail fundraiser at the Equinox Gallery last week with an aim to increase funding for much needed afterschool care programs; their goal was exceeded with $109,000 raised through generous donations by attendees of the evening’s event. All funds raised will be used to support KidsFirst afterschool programs at: Thunderbird Elementary, Queen Alexander Elementary, MacDonald Elementary and Hastings Elementary, as well as the KidsSafe Summer Program, which provides eight full weeks of summer activity for 340 children from six inner city schools.

KidsFirst provides “no fee for use” afterschool programs for children at risk who might otherwise be left unattended and include: fun supervised activities, a nutritious snack as well as help with homework. It gives children access to a familiar and safe place to develop relationships, take healthy risks, and to participate in activities that will support and encourage them to take control and direct their lives in a positive way.

“These afterschool care programs help not only the kids who attend them but whole families, especially those with single moms who can’t be home at 3 o’clock to pick up their children because of work commitments,” says Andrea Thomas Hill, founder of Cause We Care. “Our long-term goal is to put these types of programs in place in all inner city schools that require them, keep existing programs running and to ensure that every child that needs a safe place to be afterschool has somewhere to go”.

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, Cause We Care will once again be holding their annual Hamper Drive. This year marks their 8th year of providing over 350 hampers of much needed toiletries, housekeeping supplies and personal items to single mothers in need in our community. By making a donation of $45 in any mom’s name, a Cause We Care Mother’s Day Hamper will be given to a single mother-lead family. These hampers will be packed and distributed on Thursday May 7. Plus, once a donation is made an e-card can be chosen to let moms know they supported Cause We Care. Hamper donations can be made here: