People we love :: Jillian Harris

People We Love: Jillian Harris

People We Love: Jillian Harris

Style and design guru Jillian Harris, host of Love It or List It Vancouver and star of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, inspires her readers at with her fusion of small town and city gal style. Jillian shares her love of fashion, fitness, food, design and travel with her fans and is happiest when surrounded by family and friends at home in Kelowna, especially her boyfriend Justin and their boxer puppy Nacho Cilantro.

We caught up with the new mum-to-be to find out about a few of her favourite things and get her tips about the hottest trends for spring…

What’s been the most inspirational moment in your life so far? 

“Adopting Nacho and getting pregnant! I have always been a ‘family first’ kind of person but I have always been a lone ranger and an only child… growing my own little family has been one of the most exciting things ever. I love Nacho so much: I can’t imagine the feels that will happen when my baby arrives!”

What would your ideal day in Kelowna involve? 

“It’s weather dependent … I actually love to clean and organize, so nothing happens until the house is up to my standards. In the spring and summer I love to garden. We love camping or spending the day out at the cabin. We get lots of company and so early mornings are all about family stopping over for coffee and sitting on the patio. I love it!”

Where is your favourite place to take Nacho Cilantro for a walk or run? 

“I love the dog park by the Vancouver airport. It’s off-leash and all of the dogs and owners are really friendly. Nacho is very sociable and loves to be around people, kids and dogs. So he’s happy anywhere he can get a sniff of another furry butt!”

Where’s your favourite place to travel?

“I love going to my condo in Maui and I find travelling there really fun and relaxing since I know it like the back of my hand. It’s easy and feels like a second home. NYC has been my second favourite go-to place, and it’s also starting to feel like home!”

What tips do you have for people looking to spruce up their interior design for spring? 

“Declutter and purge! This is always the best feeling … get rid of anything and everything that you’re not using. Nothing beats a clean and de-cluttered home going into the spring and summer months. You might even find items that you can spruce up with a fresh coat of paint and turn into a fun DIY project.”

What are the hottest colours and pieces for spring fashion? 

“I’m totally loving coral and navy this spring! Now that I am shopping for maternity clothes, I am loving maxi dresses, flowing shirts and dresses. I can’t wait to dress my bump!”