Tiffany & Co. presents the 2016 Blue Book Collection The Art of Transformation


The Tiffany & Co. Blue Book collection highlights the evolution of a 179-year legacy of glamour and style. Magnificent jewels are its symbol—and Blue Book its greatest showcase. For 2016, Tiffany turns this celebrated collection into an exploration of nature—and The Art of Transformation.

The jewellery is the vision of design director Francesca Amfitheatrof, who utilizes the finest diamonds and colourful gemstones to capture the brilliant world that unfolds in nature and in one breathtaking moment, bursts into an extraordinary beauty. “In this collection, we are taking you on a journey through nature. From the deep ocean, we float to the edge of the water where stillness reigns. In this world, cocooned in calm, transformation occurs. Life changes, and nature reaches to the surface and takes its first breath of air. It’s a story about evolution and all that is possible in silence and peace, where nature plays its magic and creates the mysteries of the world we live in.”

Tiffany diamonds are among the most sought-after of these treasures. They are even more alluring in virtually invisible settings that maximize movement and play of light. Master stonecutters and setters create a wide, flexible bracelet with streams of round diamonds that flow around square-cut and pear-shape stones. Beautifully matched for colour and clarity, the diamonds release an electrifying sparkle.

The artisans’ skill in mounting diamonds in ring settings underscores a tradition of craftsmanship that continues to produce the ultimate in luxury. The D colour, internally flawless 8.56-carat center stone, framed with baguette and round diamonds; and a 10.25-carat stone in diamond-encrusted platinum are but two of the spectacular rings in Blue Book.

Collectors and connoisseurs covet Blue Book for its fancy colour diamonds, as well. Tiffany Yellow Diamonds radiate like the sun that renews all life. Its warmth and limitless energy are reflected in rings with a 2.16-carat Fancy Intense Yellowish Green diamond and a 4.13-carat Fancy Yellow Green diamond with white diamond baguettes.

The sun shines too in a pendant’s 22.11-carat yellow sapphire, with white diamonds swirling around it like clouds. Other vibrant-colour gemstones capture an ever-changing spectrum with tanzanites, tourmalines, aquamarines and diamonds. In a statement of Tiffany craftsmanship, a triple-row necklace of lush green and blue stones circles upward, with a 52.80-carat aquamarine drop.

More gemstones are mounted in lavish cocktail rings with diamonds and platinum. Like the forces of nature they are, a 6.70-carat emerald, 28.08-carat pink spinel, 20.43-carat sapphire and 19.99-carat green tourmaline unleash rich, saturated colour. These mesmerizing hues are intensified by exquisite cuts and settings that lead the eye deep into the stones.

Blue Book also features brilliant creatures that evolve in myriad and wondrous ways. Among these creations are a trio of starfish in a cuff of diamonds, sapphires and tsavorites; an Octopus of diamond tentacles surrounding an outsize baroque pearl; and earrings of emerald-cut tanzanites that anchor fanciful fish of green tourmalines. Collected in the 2016 Blue Book, these consummate jewels are in harmony both with nature and Tiffany’s unparalleled design heritage.

Tiffany is the internationally renowned jeweller founded in New York in 1837. For more information, visit the Tiffany & Co. Vancouver locations: downtown (723 Burrard Street), Oakridge Centre (650 W. 41st Avenue) and Holt Renfrew (737 Dunsmuir Street), the Tiffany website at or call 1-800-265-1251.