Tiffany & Co. presents “Some Style is Legendary,” a short film capturing the making of the fall 2016 campaign – Legendary Style – directed by Oscar®-nominated, and Emmy Award-winning filmmaker R.J. Cutler. Cutler, director of The September Issue, a documentary chronicling the making of the 2007 Vogue fall-fashion issue, once again casts an eye upon the rarely seen side of Vogue’s legendary creative director-at-large, Grace Coddington. Cutler takes viewers behind the scenes as Coddington partners with Tiffany to break new creative ground.

Coddington works in tandem with Toni Lakis, vice president, creative director of global marketing, at Tiffany, to shape the fall campaign, which celebrates the brand’s legendary designs and represents a series of firsts. It is the first time that Tiffany has featured celebrity talent in their advertising, which includes Oscar®-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, actress Elle Fanning, as well as maternal health advocate and model Christy Turlington Burns, and model Natalie Westling. It is also Coddington’s first-ever campaign following her tenure at Vogue US where she spent 28 years—21 years as creative director—and 20 years at Vogue UK.

Shot over several months, the film opens with sweeping views of the New York City skyline leading into Coddington’s home studio, photo shoots and closed-door meetings documenting the creative process as Tiffany takes a fresh look at its brand imagery. “Blue is a very extraordinary color,” said Coddington. “I always say ‘why do I love New York?’ It’s because the sky is always blue. It’s an extraordinary city because it is old, and also incredibly new. In a funny kind of way, that’s the way you can describe Tiffany.”

“It’s very exciting to watch Grace work. She’s not only been one of the most influential figures in the fashion industry for 50 years, but she is a singular visionary artist,” says Cutler. “We see her formulate her vision and then execute it, working with these beautiful women and the Tiffany jewelry. The film is all about Grace’s process.” Cutler captures Coddington as she selects the cast as well as the iconic Tiffany designs that reflect each individual’s style and identity.

“To me this is not just an ad campaign, but an opportunity to portray a legendary house of luxury through modern portraits of uniquely talented subjects,” says Coddington. The title of the film “Some Style is Legendary” shares the campaign tagline, which symbolizes the timeless appeal of Tiffany’s jewelry worn by women for whom Tiffany is a powerful means of self-expression. The film offers a glimpse of Coddington’s expert editorial eye, giving insight into the creation of these authentic and powerful portraits.

“There aren’t many people who after scaling great heights in their careers decide to take on new challenges, change it up, and do all sorts of new things. Grace is one of those people, and here was an opportunity to tell that story in the environment of this revered, iconic American brand,” says Cutler.

To view “Some Style is Legendary,” go to on September 20, 2016.