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Vancouver, BC (June 26, 2017) – Yaletown has become Vancouver’s first, and only, free Wi-Fi district with complimentary Internet coverage for visitors and solar-powered power points to help visitors stay connected for free.

Yaletown Business Improvement Association has been working for three years to provide this service for visitors,” says Nicholas Gandossi, VP of the Board of Directors for the YBIA and General Manager of OPUS Hotel “Mainland Street is fully operational and Hamilton and Homer will be online by the summer – giving free Wi-Fi coverage across Yaletown’s heritage district.”

“Yaletown has long been an attractive draw for tourists,” says Ty Speer, CEO and President of Tourism Vancouver. “This move to provide Wi-Fi for visitors helps to further put Yaletown on the map, and helps to continue to put Vancouver on the online map via social media and photo sharing.”

Yaletown in known as a tech hub in the city, home to start-ups and established post-production and SFX studios – all the animation for the incredible Life of Pi movie was created in Yaletown.

Visitors can now feed hungry cell phones with a ‘power snack’ at one of Yaletown’s new solar-powered outdoor charging stations. Tested at the University of Alberta, and powered by light, they have been installed by benches on two of Yaletown’s sunniest street corners.

Tourists and business travellers can stay connected to share photos and data via email, text message, Instagram or Snapchat and can use google maps and other apps to navigate Yaletown’s unique heritage district without the worry of racking up roaming charges thanks to the new free Wi-Fi.

No need to worry about running out of battery life either as charge points are on-hand so go ahead and send a virtual ‘wish you were here’ to friends and family back home.

Find out more by following the hashtag #YaletownFree or visit https://yaletowninfo.com/