Cause We Care Foundation announces The Single Mothers Support Fund, Bridging the Gap to a Brighter Future

Following a successful pilot program Cause We Care’s Single Mothers Support Fund officially launches with a streamlined application portal and new frontline partners, broadening its reach and impact

Cause We Care Foundation is excited to announce the official launch of the Single Mothers Support Fund, providing financial support to low-income single mothers enrolled in further education or job training programs. Having successfully completed a one year pilot program, in partnership with select frontline organizations, the fund has now officially launched with an expedited application process and an expanded group of affiliated frontline organizations. Broader access to this vital support program is a key development in helping applicants towards economic independence and a brighter future.

Cause We Care’s goal as a foundation is to create change and to make a meaningful difference in the lives of single mothers and their children struggling with poverty. The Single Mothers Support Fund was conceived after many months of consultation and group planning sessions with key stakeholders from frontline organizations in Vancouver. Together a crucial need has been identified to help bridge the funding gap in support of women who have demonstrated a determination to advance their economic opportunities, but who are continually held back by financial barriers.

“Over the past year the Single Mothers Support Fund has distributed just over $150,000 to 37 single mothers, who had primary funding in place to attend educational or job training programs,” says Cause We Care founder Andrea Thomas Hill. “Thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors and the commitment of our frontline partners, we’ve seen first hand how this support can really make a difference. This funding has allowed single mothers the freedom to focus on pursuing their education and training, and spend less time worrying about how to make ends meet.”

The Single Mothers Support Fund is accessible to single mothers who are referred by select program partners who are also committed to providing regular progress reports and updates. Applications are submitted through a secure online portal and are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Eligibility requirements are provided online and include a request to demonstrate how funding will increase capacity to become financially independent, as well as a strong commitment and plan to achieve success. The level of support provided is determined by the unique circumstances of each applicant and is designed to remove funding gaps and barriers by providing integrated financial support for mothers determined to make a better life for their families. Successful applicants receive one-time grant funding for items such as laptops, job training supplies, uniforms, groceries, childcare, tutoring, glasses, basic essentials, and more.

Without doubt the pandemic has hit women and mothers hardest in our society and Cause We Care Foundation continues to find ways to support where they can be most impactful, with a goal to empower single moms struggling in our community and help them break the cycle of poverty. For over ten years the Foundation has successfully aided local frontline organizations in supporting low-income single mother-led families across the Greater Vancouver area. For more information about the Single Mothers Support Fund or to donate visit For updates follow @causewecare #singlemotherstrong.

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