Aritzia x Cause We Care launch Mother’s Day capsule collection to support single moms and kids

Cause Mom means everything, Aritzia is thrilled to announce a unique collaboration with Cause We Care – a Vancouver-based foundation supporting single moms and children living in poverty in Greater Vancouver, including the Downtown Eastside, one of Canada’s most underprivileged communities. This limited-edition, capsule collection has been created as an innovative fundraising effort as donations to Cause We Care are particularly crucial this year, with many of their events and fundraisers cancelled due to COVID-19.

The beautifully designed, casual collection will be released under the in-house label, Aritzia Community™ – an extension of Aritzia’s overall commitment to community giving. Every purchase of this limited-edition collection – which includes some of Aritzia’s most loved sweat sets, will help to uplift single mothers in need with 100% of proceeds going to programs and initiatives that Cause We Care supports.

“Through our valued and longstanding partnership with Aritzia, we’ve worked together to craft beautiful clothing that you can feel good about, clothing that speaks to empowering and recognizing women and supporting single mothers in need. This is the epitome of a social enterprise where the very idea for the collection originated creatively as a way to give back to mothers faced with adversity; to help them make a better life for themselves and their children.”

– Shannon Newman-Bennett, Executive Director, Cause We Care Foundation


On Tuesday, April 27 (just in time for Mother’s Day), the first-of-its-kind limited-edition capsule collection will launch, featuring cozy, casual coordinates: hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts, sweatshorts and crews – cut from Aritzia’s signature fabrics (Cozy Fleece and combed cotton) and printed with custom, Cause We Care graphics designed in house. And, there’s more: a tote bag and a ball cap, too – cause Mom deserves options.

The campaign will feature Canadian models (and mothers) Tasha Tilberg and Janice Alida ― international fashion industry icons who exude beauty from the inside out. As volunteers and advocates, both Tasha and Janice embody the very ethos of Cause We Care, Aritzia, and Aritzia Community™. Photographed with their children, Tasha and Janice share their own unique experiences of motherhood, reflecting on how the women who raised them informed their paths – as mothers – and as people who understand the importance of caring for those in need.

100% of proceeds raised through Aritzia Community™ x Cause We Care collection will go toward:

• Investing in single mothers pursuing job training and education
• Supporting childcare initiatives and school break programs
• Addressing the ongoing needs of families living at YWCA Cause We Care house in Vancouver

This limited-edition Cause We Care capsule collection will be available exclusively online at and ships throughout Canada and the US.


This is the first exclusive product launch for Aritzia x Cause We Care, however, Aritzia has a longstanding relationship supporting the foundation’s multiple initiatives. In the past, Aritzia has donated custom product for fundraising events, gifted items annually to be included in Holiday Care Package Drives and regularly engages as volunteers. In 2014, Aritzia Community™ launched the Full of Heart social media initiative, making a donation to Cause We Care for each photo tagged #FullofHeart on Instagram. Aritzia’s ability to pivot and provide innovative support during this year’s pandemic is an inspiring indication of the bright collaborative potential the future holds as their partnership with Cause We Care continues to evolve.


To date, Aritzia has contributed more than $36 million in product donations, financial support and volunteer hours to non-profit and Aritzia Community™ partners. Through honouring our three pillars of impact: poverty alleviation, mentorship and job readiness, Aritzia has provided support for more than 350,000 women. For additional details on Aritzia’s giving program, please visit us here.


Cause We Care is a Vancouver-based registered public foundation, founded to assist marginalized single mothers and their children in our community. Since 2007, Cause We Care has provided support to those facing poverty through a variety of outreach and funding initiatives. To learn more about our work, visit us online.