Escape to Celestial Skies with CanaDream RV 

Witness the Total Solar Eclipse without Light Pollution on April 8th

CanaDream invites guests to escape light pollution and discover the natural phenomenon of celestial dark skies and this year’s once-in-a-lifetime experience, the total solar eclipse, taking place on April 8th, 2024. With a CanaDream RV, guests can travel to remote areas and witness the complete stillness of the solar eclipse when the sun – the biggest star in the sky – will disappear behind the moon, offering an incredible sense of our vast and mysterious universe.

Canadian cities such as Hamilton, Kingston, Montreal, Sherbrooke, and Fredericton are directly in the path of the total solar eclipse. However, there are numerous smaller communities and parks that will also provide excellent viewing locations. Eclipse enthusiasts can find eclipse viewing information for every city in North America at  

For David McColm, a professional landscape & night sky photographer, experiencing this phenomenon should be on everyone’s ‘bucket list’, of his first solar eclipse experience in 2017, he says, “It’s impossible to put into words how I felt at that instant but it was a feeling I’ve never experienced before – it was easily the most intense, powerful and emotional celestial experience I’ve ever had!” He goes on to say, “One key part of experiencing the total solar eclipse is actually being able to see the eclipsed sun.  So when it’s projected to be cloudy during the eclipse in one area, it’s so nice to have the freedom and flexibility to drive to another location with a better, clear sky forecast.” 

But the celestial wonders don’t end there. CanaDream also invites guests to explore the mesmerizing phenomenon of the Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis and recommends visiting Yukon, Manitoba, and the Northwest Territories for the best experience. Gracing the night sky up to 240 nights a year, the vibrant curtains of emerald green, yellow, and purple are the result of charged particles from the sun colliding with atoms in the earth’s magnetic field.

As a company deeply committed to tourism, CanaDream provides detailed travel itineraries on its website, allowing guests to explore every corner of Canada with ease. With over 3,500 CanaDream Club partners, guests can easily find campsites, attractions, and places of interest. Additionally, CanaDream’s online Festival Finder showcases festivals and events all over Canada, including Jasper’s Dark Sky Festival, searchable by season, interest, or destination.

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