Hawksworth Restaurant Takes Delivery of Black Winter Truffles

Chef David Hawksworth, owner and executive chef at Hawksworth Restaurant recently received delivery of $10,000 worth of Black Winter Truffles, from Périgord, France.

Available fresh on the menu at Hawksworth this week – and will pepper Hawksworth’s seasonally driven menus throughout the year – truffles are a delicate and decadent addition to many dishes. The Hawksworth chef team will prepare, lightly cook and jar the truffles at the Hawksworth Restaurant kitchen, ensuring access to this incredible and much sought-after ingredient all year long.

“While the perception is often of extravagance, when used with a delicate hand in dishes, the distinctive flavour and aroma adds a matchless character to a dish,” ensures Chef Hawksworth. “We always strive to pass value onto our guests, whilst always sourcing the finest quality of ingredients to provide exceptional dining experiences.” Preview

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