National Grilled Cheese Day

It’s National Grilled Cheese Day! Although it’s a pseudo-holiday, we just couldn’t resist sharing our two favourite places to order this delectable culinary creation. Where is your favourite restaurant or cafe that serves grilled cheese?

Our top favourite spots:
Cure Lounge & Patio at Whistler’s award-winning Nita Lake Lodge serves a mean ‘Triple Decker’ grilled cheese sandwich with loads of white cheddar, oven-dried tomatoes, thinly sliced white onion and black bacon (optional).

Miradoro Restaurant at Oliver’s acclaimed Tinhorn Creek Vineyards serves a grilled cheese with Kootenay Alpine nostrala cheese on focaccia with quince mostarda and crispy onions and prosciutto (optional). Served with a side of greens, daily sop or Moroccan chickpea salad.