The Donnelly Group and Save-On-Meats Join Forces to Provide Quality Meals to Downtown Eastside Residents

The Donnelly Group has announced an exciting new partnership with Save-On-Meats, committing to purchase all burgers, sliders and sausages for the Donnelly Pub Group menus in an effort to support Mark Brand’s program to provide healthy meals for residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. With the goal to increase the size of the program and to improve the quality of meals being provided, Brand was in need of more partners to help with funding. The partnership between Save-On-Meats and the Donnelly Group was a natural fit and in line with the charitable goals of both organizations.

By sourcing products from Save-On-Meats for the Donnelly Pub Group menu, the Donnelly Group is helping to subsidize the meal program that now feeds 480 people a day, with 1400 pounds of nutritious food being distributed every week.

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