Tinhorn Creek Vineyards Streams Ahead with Salmon-Safe Certification

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards leads the industry in environmental stewardship, becoming one of the very first “Salmon-Safe” certified vineyards in BC.

The Salmon-Safe program looks at agricultural practices to protect water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, and overall watershed health based on a detailed set of peer-reviewed guidelines. Examples of Tinhorn Creek’s management practices include increasing water efficiency by switching to a drip irrigation system, active in planting native vegetation around riparian zones, choosing pesticides with less harmful impacts on aquatic life, and supporting biodiversity on the property through inter-seeding native species in the vineyard alleys.

As part of their commitment to Salmon-Safe principles, Tinhorn Creek Vineyards plans to enhance the ecosystem well-being of their vineyards by developing specialized “biodiversity islands”, which will help to ensure beneficial insects and wildlife have access to appropriate habitat. They also have plans to implement further measures that will slow down or capture water from major storm events.