Foodie Friday – Yaletown’s latest room, Killjoy offers a unique dining experience

Make your Friday extra tasty with a trip over to Yaletown’s latest room, Killjoy. If you love great food, wine and gin cocktails then this is sure to be your new local. Leading up the menu at Killjoy is talented Development Chef Alvin Pillay, whose tasting plates of fine cheeses and charcuterie from some of the city’s best butchers does not disappoint. In terms of cured meats, the importance of skilled butchers and charcuteries has regained popularity, which is why Killjoy wanted to feature this special craft. Curing meats takes a lot of time and quality ingredients to ensure the perfect taste. A few items you will see on the menu are coarse salami, prosciutto and coppa, paired up with your favourite classic or house gin cocktail is sure to make your evening complete. For food and cocktail connoisseurs alike, Killjoy is the place to go!

Here’s Chef Alvin Pillay’s post on cured meats for more information.