Foodie Friday – Replenish your soul with the Heather Hospitality Group and SOLEfood

Foodie Friday – Think you can’t give back to your community just by enjoying some food? Guess again! With Heather Hospitality Group’s latest partnership with SOLEfood, you can do just that. You may be more familiar with HHG’s individual venues, which are The Irish Heather, Judas Goat Taberna, Salt Tasting Room, and Bitter. All of these locations will be adding the ‘SOLEfood Salad’ to their menu. Not only is ordering a SOLEfood Salad a healthy option, but it will make you feel good knowing the ingredients were grown locally and that you are supporting a cause that creates opportunities. If you’re still not convinced, it’s made of fresh heirloom tomatoes, SOLEfood greens and crisp radishes, Rabbit River Farm hard-boiled eggs and a Dijon dressing for only $8.

Through this collaboration, HHG will be sourcing an assortment of produce (25 lbs per week in fact) from the SOLEfood Farm an urban community garden that has taken over a parking lot space just on Pacific Boulevard and that will enable inner-city residents the chance for proper training and employment.

For more information see the SOLEfood website or The Heather Hospitality Group site