The Irish Heather Long Table Series Returns

Make four dozen new friends over classic comfort food

Just today The Irish Heather announced the return of their popular Long Table Series, every Sunday to Wednesday night at 7:00pm. The favourite Gastown establishment welcomes up to 50 people at their 40-foot long communal table for the ultimate social dining experience.

For only $16, enjoy a hearty meal paired with artisan beer. Expect roast beef with potatoes and Yorkshire pudding every Sunday. Monday’s edition features Suckling Pig, rolled and roasted with mashed potatoes, seasonal veggies and gravy. Tuesday is meant for seafood lovers, featuring BC clams steamed in beer with corn on the cob, corn bread and salad. And Wednesday nights are a little different hosting “Pit for your Supper”, where you earn your dinner by pitting that night’s feature fruit cropped from Scott Hawthorn’s Picker Shack Orchard!

To kick off the series The Irish Heather will be hosting a special Innis and Gunn 2-course dinner with a representative all the way from the brewery in Edinburgh. For more information and to book your reservation for the Long Table Series visit