World-renowned, Italian butcher Dario Cecchini comes to Vancouver


Leading contemporary and world-renowned Italian butcher, Dario Cecchini, joins Vancouver’s Nightingale Restaurant and Head Chef, Phil Scarfone, for one of the year’s most outstanding culinary collaborations on April 15, 2019. Hailing from Panzano, Italy, Cecchini and his team present an authentic Tuscan experience with wine pairings, explaining his remarkable nose-to-tail approach to butchery and the value of communal dining.

“We are delighted to be in Vancouver and have the opportunity to share my family’s culinary approach with Nightingale Restaurant and their guests,” says Dario Cecchini. “After 42 years of work and eight generations of Cecchini butchers before me, we seek to find the best recipe for the cut of beef and believe that the animal should have a good life, a compassionate death, that every cut should be used well and thoughtfully, and that we must never forget to give thanks.”

With a shared culinary approach and a focus on conviviality, sustainability and locally-sourced ingredients; Cecchini and Nightingale’s Scarfone create a sense of community through dining, bringing guests together as they celebrate the shared sights, smells and sounds of their culinary adventure. Presenting a selection of family-style dishes, to be shared by the room; Cecchini emphasizes the importance of communal dining and the sharing of food and beverage, an act that becomes increasingly more rare. Showcasing a true nose-to-tail and Panzano experience, Cecchini brings with him a philosophy that has been passed down father-to-son, generation after generation; referred to as the “Whole Cow” menu. A culinary approach that is based upon having the utmost respect for the animal, of its life, its death, and the use of everything down to the very last tendon.


Showcasing wine pairings highlighting more than 200 years of family wine-making experience, fifth generation winemaker, Lorenzo Zonin presents exceptional Tuscan wines, courtesy of Castello di Albola estate winery. An enchanting estate of timeless beauty that benefits from a unique position on the highest hills of Radda, in Chianti Classico; the vineyard slopes between 350 and 650 meters above sea level, facilitating the perfect development of acidity, consequential freshness and longevity in its wines. As winemaker and member of the family owning the property, Lorenzo Zonin presents a selection of exclusive varietals, including: Castello di Albola Chianti Classico Docg, Chianti Classico Riserva Docg, Chianti Classico Docg Gran Selezione Santa Caterina, Acciaiolo Toscana Igt and Vin Santo.

Now available on Netflix, tune into season six of the award-winning culinary documentary series, Chef’s Table, and watch Dario bring his culinary expertise to the big screen. Viewers can celebrate the brilliance of Cecchini and his nose-to-tail approach as the series focuses on chefs and cuisines whose stories have for too long been hidden.

To experience this one of a kind culinary adventure, please call 1.604.695.9500 to make your reservation. With limited spots available, tickets are available for $250/person plus tax, gratuity and handling fees.