Nita Lake Lodge’s dining venues become Whistler’s first to offer rice straws

An eco-friendly alternative arrives at Aura Restaurant, Cure Lounge & Patio and Fix Café


Nita Lake Lodge is proud to announce a partnership with Vancouver-based Rice Straw Technologies, becoming Whistler’s first business to offer the biodegradable alternative at Aura Restaurant, Cure Lounge & Patio and Fix Café as part of the hotel team’s continued efforts to introduce sustainable, eco-friendly initiatives throughout the property.

“We are delighted to welcome a sustainable alternative for guests enjoying cocktails, smoothies or soft drinks in our dining establishments,” says Theresa Ginter, General Manager at Nita Lake Lodge. “As we are surrounded by such an abundance of natural beauty, we are inspired to help do our part in keeping our mountains, lakes and forests in pristine condition.”

Founded in South Korea earlier this year in an effort to reduce plastic pollution, Rice Straw Technologies manufactures straws consisting of 50% rice and 50% tapioca, providing an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic straws. Made of natural, biodegradable, compostable, edible and cost-effective materials, rice straws will help to eliminate an approximate 57 million plastic straws used in Canada each day as well as the 49.7 million tonnes of rice that is wasted per year, emitting harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

The decision to add this leading advancement in sustainable technology to Nita Lake Lodge’s dining venues continues to build upon the hotel’s program of environmentally responsible initiatives, with hopes to encourage other businesses in Whistler to follow suit. Nestled along the shores of the beautiful glacier-fed Nita Lake, the hotel’s many green practices help protect the environment by encouraging sustainability in a variety of ways, including: full recycling and composting programs; sourcing sustainable foods; use of chemical-free cleaning supplies; Tesla charging stations for complimentary guest use; and geothermal heating and cooling throughout the property.

To learn more about Nita Lake Lodge’s sustainable approach, visit or call 1-888-755-6482.