Bel Café‘s New Menus Celebrate Valentine’s and Lunar New Year

Seasonal Treats Arrive at Vancouver’s Bel Café

Bel Café, the bustling downtown coffee shop owned by renowned Chef David Hawksworth, is excited to announce the launch of their new menu items in celebration of Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year. With a delectable array of seasonal treats and savoury delights, Bel Café invites customers to indulge in the flavours of love and tradition.

For the entire month of February, Bel Café is offering a selection of sweet treats that are sure to warm hearts. Guests can enjoy the Sakura Latte ($6.50), a delightful beverage flavoured with floral Japanese cherry blossom powder, or sip on the steamy Rose Tea Latte ($6.00) made with house-made rose syrup, rose tea, and milk.  To share a moment of bliss with a loved one, the Raspberry & Pistachio Croissant ($6.75) is a must-try. This flaky pastry is filled with house-made raspberry jam, garnished with caramelized pistachio, raspberry glaze, and topped with fresh raspberries. For a truly indulgent treat, the heart-shaped Caramel & Hazelnut Cookie ($4.95) is a freshly baked sugar cookie filled with caramel ganache and dipped in a decadent hazelnut and dark chocolate coating. And for those looking to toast to love, the Raspberry Mimosa ($10.00) is a perfect blend of muddled raspberries and prosecco.

Bel Café has also introduced new savoury menu items this month. The Avocado Burrata Toast ($17.00) is served with poached eggs and grape tomato on house-made sourdough. The Prawn & Pesto Pasta Salad ($20.00) is a flavoursome dish made with spinach, olives, sun-dried tomato, and crumbled feta. And for a special treat, the newly introduced house-made Sausage Roll ($7.00) is served with mango chutney. 

Lunar New Year – February 10th to 24th
During this limited time, customers can enjoy the traditional Chinese Pineapple Bun ($3.50). Although it contains no pineapple, the bun is named for its characteristic golden topping that resembles the look of a pineapple. Bel Café’s delectable Pineapple Buns are made with a sweetened milk bread, and topped with a buttery crispy crust.

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